Brain Mind & Life website’s visitors have showed great interest in Nobel Prize, also in not-scientist winners, therefore we publish the present news.

The announcement reads: The Nobel Prize in literature goes to Harold Pinter “who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression’s closed rooms”.

Harold Pinter, playwright and author of different kinds of works including poems, is a celebrity, universally considered a modern classic as illustrated by his name entering the language as an adjective used to describe a particular atmosphere and environment in drama: “Pinteresque”.

Son of a Jewish dressmaker, Pinker was born on 10 October 1930 in the London borough of Hackney where, at Grammar School, he made his first experience playing Macbeth and Romeo, and choose a career in acting. In 1950 he published his first poems. Pinter made his playwriting debut in 1957. Then, following an initial period of psychological realism he proceeded to a second, more lyrical phase, which gave him celebrity. Among his screenplays for film, the best-known remain that for “The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1981), based on the John Fowels novel.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to International Atomic Energy Agency and Mohamed El Baradei.


BM&L-October 2005