BM&L-International held a meeting in preparation of the Second Neuron Satellite Meeting which will take place in San Diego, California.

Speakers will include Eric Kandel, Joseph Le Doux, Brenda Milner, Earl Miller, Roger Nicoll, Larry Squire, Wendy Suzuki, Ron Davis, Yadin Dudai, Susumu Tonegawa and Gina Turrigiano. The meeting will include talks, a poster session and opportunities for informal conversations over lunch and refreshments. Our personal “Good Luck!” to Gina Turrigiano.

Here is as Neuron magazine itself presents the event:

Neurons and Memory

The Second Neuron Satellite Meeting October, 21-22, 2004

Doubletree Hotel, Mission Valley, San Diego, California, USA.

NEURON is pleased to present its second annual SFN satellite meeting. This year's meeting on the neurobiology of memory will both cover recent advances in memory research, including molecular, cellular, and systems levels studies, as well as provide a historical perspective on this rapidly developing field.

BM&L-September 2004