NEURON at Brain Mind & Life


Brain Mind & Life’s International members discussed the use of NEURON, a useful teaching tool for students, amateurs and beginners in neuroscience.

In 1994 David Jaffe in his laboratory course of neurobiology for undergraduates at the University of S. Antonio, Texas (Department of Life Sciences) first used NEURON under UNIX developing a variety of exercises on topics like synaptic plasticity, electrotonus and intracellular calcium dynamics. Then Jaffe with Ted Carnevale and Michael Hines from Yale University (respectively from the Dept. of Psychology and the Dept. of Computer Science) developed the present project NEURON, creating a series of laboratory simulation exercises designed to advance neuroscience education at the undergraduate level. The result is a good teaching and learning tool for undergraduates and introductory courses in neuroscience at any level.

In our department UPDATE you can find the complete description and links in the document “NEURON – Neurobiology laboratory exercises in software”


BM&L-October 2003