1906 - 2006



In celebration of its centennial, American Leprosy Missions (ALM) presents a fascinating 256-page book titled Contagious Compassion, including reflections by Philip Yancey, author of “The gift of pain”, and tributes to the late Paul Wilson Brand and other giants who were called to serve in a very special mission field. Contagious Compassion is the inspiring story of people who have had leprosy, those who have cared, and the vision that continues to challenge ALM’s missionaries.

Life is still a nightmare for people suffering from leprosy and their relatives, all over the world, as you can learn reading witnesses from ALM website: “My mother had leprosy. This made it difficult for my brother to get a wife. So, the family members told my mother: “You are a leper. For this reason your son can’t get a wife. Since your disease is getting worse, you must leave home. You must go away.” (a testimony from India).

ALM is engaged in a campaign to finance research into the development of a leprosy vaccine. “This is an exciting opportunity to be able to prevent so much suffering and pain throughout the world”, says ALM president Chis Doyle. To learn more abut the campaign, please visit ALM website:


BM&L-September 2006