Linda Faye Lehman, returning from Italy where she met with members of our Italian organization, BRAIN MIND & LIFE-ITALY, wrote in a letter to Dr. Jeffrey J. Barrows as the idea of a Conference on the “Art of Healing” was born:


“As we sat around having pizza one night last week in Italy, BM&L leaders brought up a discussion about their interest in organizing a conference in Naples in January of which Christian perspectives are presented within a scientific conference.  Specifically Giuseppe [Giuseppe Perrella, BM&L-ITALY chairman] wanted something which would demonstrate Dr. Paul Brand’s life as a servant with his profession.  This group is quite interesting as it is made up of a few Christians with many others very open to hearing more.  They come from pure science backgrounds, to clinical practice to also including people of the arts (painters, writers, music, philosophy, etc).  Having known Dr. Paul personally, I know he would desire that people see God’s hands at work in his life and not put him up on a pedestal.  One of the ideas was to have part of the conference to be on THE ART OF HEALING with lessons learned from the life of Paul Brand. We thought this would permit that a more “wholistic” view of healing could be presented (physical, social, psychological and spiritual) I suggested to Giuseppe that CMDS be contacted as I know there are many competent speakers which could possibly make contributions scientifically and spiritually”.


As observed by Dr Barrows, time is very short to recruit for January, so may be the Conference will be scheduled for February-March.


BM&L-September 2004