an example of wrong path: drug discovery today as well as inverse genetics found the shortest way to results

Basic Scientists request a more rational approach than an inverse criterion to those delicate fields


Alan Wise, Katy Gearing and Stephen Rees,Target validation of G-protein coupled receptors Drug Discovery Today 7, 4, 235-246, 2002

Here we show the abstract which doesn’t need any comment:

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) represent possibly the most important target class of proteins for drug discovery. Over 30% of clinically marketed drugs are active at this receptor family. These drugs exhibit their activity at <10% of all known GPCRs. A major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry is to associate the many novel GPCRs with disease to identify the drugs of the future. This process consists of a collection of experimental paradigms that together can be loosely labelled 'target validation'.



                                                                                                                  BM&L-March 2003